Today I’m happy to host a fellow Totally Bound author, Jasmine Hill.

Jasmine is here to tell us a little bit about herself and her upcoming release, Lillian’s Light Horseman.

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Jasmine Hill - Lillian's Light Horseman cover 12-15-14

When and why did you begin writing?

I started writing seriously about four years ago, when my husband and I moved back to Sydney from India, where we’d been living for twelve months. I e-mailed a “Delhigram” to friends and family every month when we were away and I found that I loved jotting our stories down and I enjoyed the writing process. I’ve always loved reading and had tried my hand at creative writing a few times in the past. In about 2010 when I moved back to Sydney I entered and won a short story competition through Random House Australia. That gave me confidence and a validation of sorts. I picked up a story that I’d started before we left for India, finished it and sent it off — now here I am!

What is your favorite thing about writing?

I love losing myself in the story and I enjoy the creative process. I have an idea in my head about plot, heroine and hero and it is gratifying and exciting to see my concept unfold as a story, where my characters come to life and establish identities and personalities. It’s the point where my plot and characters morph from an idea, into a tangible story.

I’m also beyond pleased to be providing entertainment and hopefully, enjoyment to others.

Do you have a specific writing style?

I’m more of a panster than a planner. I usually start with a broad idea of plot and characters then I jot down notes and basic ideas. Normally, the complex elements of the storyline and the sub plots develop in my head as I go. However, for my latest novel Lillian’s Light Horseman, I did quite a lot of research and took copious notes. It’s an historical, set in 1921 so I needed to verify quite a few elements for authenticity.

What do you find is the hardest thing about being an author?

For me, it’s the self-promotion aspect — the identity and presence we need to establish and the social media interaction required to do so successfully. There’s an art to using the Internet and social media platforms to one’s best advantage and I don’t think that I’ve managed to achieve that yet.

What inspired you to write Lillian’s Light Horseman?

My husband grew up on a sheep station in the middle of New South Wales. It belonged to his grandfather before it passed to my husband’s father. My husband’s grandfather was a Light Horseman in WWI and there is a family story involving a love triangle, a governess and a broken heart. Lillian’s Light Horseman is VERY loosely based around that history. It provided inspiration more than anything specific to do with the storyline.

Was there anything you found particularly challenging when writing Lillian’s Light Horseman?

Yes, the most challenging aspect of this novel was the historical elements. It’s set in the Australian outback in 1921 so I needed to conduct quite a lot of research regarding the era, particularly in outback Australia at that time. It also required more concentration to remain in the correct period when writing.

If you were to give your book a Heat Rating, (lowest) 1—simmering, 2—sizzling, 3—on fire, or 4—blazing (highest), which would it be and why?

Sizzling, 3 — on fire. There’s lot of between the sheets action and lots of action outside the sheets! These characters just can’t get enough of each other!

Jasmine Hill - Lillian's Light Horseman cover 12-15-14Book Blurb

The year is 1921, Lillian Hamilton at twenty-six, is alone, desperate and living in England. An ocean away in Outback Australia, her childhood sweetheart and decorated Light Horseman, William Cartwright, is running a sheep station and nursing a deep betrayal while the local ladies vie for his attention. But Lillian and William’s paths are about to cross once again, unexpectedly and dynamically, spinning each of them into turmoil, igniting past hurts and spurring them to a wary truce. As they work through their deep-seated issues of distrust, others are conspiring against them, until a shocking revelation sends Lillian running out of the safety of William’s arms and into the path of another man. William will have to work against time to find Lillian before he loses her forever.


England—Ten years later

Lillian Hamilton packed the last of her belongings into her trunk and prepared to leave her aunt’s home for the last time. She doubted that she’d return. Her aunt had passed away three months before and now there was nothing keeping Lillian in England. She mourned her aunt dreadfully, her mother’s sister. Her Aunt Agnes had been kindness personified when Lillian’s father had died two years previously, leaving Lillian destitute and homeless. She owed her life to the woman and shuddered to think what would have happened to her had her Aunt Agnes not swept in and taken Lillian into her care. Not only had she given Lillian shelter and affection, but she’d also suggested that Lillian take her last name of Hamilton. The Baxter name, thanks to her father’s unscrupulous business dealings and gambling debts, was besmirched with suspicion and corruption, and no decent family or acquaintance would have their good reputation tainted by any association to it. Lillian’s already fragile social status would have been irreparably damaged had she continued in English society as Lillian Baxter. As it happened, a change of county, social circle and name meant that Lillian’s connection with her father and his dubious transactions was limited to those who knew the family personally. To all new acquaintances, she’d been largely able to start afresh, free from suspicion and conjecture.

It was a flight of fancy, however, to believe that she could continue to be untouched by her past. Angry energy rippled through her as she recalled the words of her aunt’s attorney.

“I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Miss Hamilton, but your aunt’s estate is tied up in legal disputes. As you will be aware, your father left considerable debts and there are a number of creditors applying to Mrs. Hamilton’s estate for reimbursement. You are her sole heir, but after legal damages and settlements, I fear that the lion’s share of your inheritance will be consumed.”

Lillian had been unprepared for the fury that had suffused her at the thought of the her beloved aunt’s belongings and home being sold to pay Lillian’s irresponsible father’s debts. Suddenly her aunt’s asking Lillian to take her jewelry and hide it until such a time that Lillian could safely sell it, didn’t appear so odd. Her aunt must have been aware of her father’s debts and Agnes’ dying wish had been that her niece might have a little money before the creditors took everything.

Lillian had done what her Aunt Agnes had requested and as soon as she was able, she’d sold most of her aunt’s jewelry and any dresses and outfits that served no practical purpose. If Lillian were careful, she’d have money enough to last her for some months.

Her mind drifted to her father—how he’d pushed suitor after suitor in her direction in the hopes that she’d make an affluent marriage, and how she’d spurned every attempt of his matchmaking.

Lillian had desperately wanted to please her father with a good connection, but she’d never been able to forgive or forget her first love. The inability of hers to obliterate him from her memory had made courtship with another man almost impossible. Even after ten years, just thinking his name made her chest constrict painfully. By the time Lillian had taken up residence with her aunt, she’d despaired at ever finding true love again. She’d received more than her fair share of attention from a number of eligible gentlemen, but not one had touched her heart. She knew that her view of marriage for love was silly and juvenile, that matches were often made less for love and affection and more for the social advantages of beauty and position, but she couldn’t bring herself to relinquish her romantic notions and dreams. Now, at nearly twenty-six, she was left completely alone in the world with barely enough money to see her through to the end of the year.

Finally, she locked her trunk and walked from the room, checking the other chambers before she emerged into the hallway where she spotted the driver at the front door. She directed him to the bedroom to retrieve her belongings and took one last look around the home that had been her safe haven for the past two years. With a sigh and a heavy heart, she stepped outside, locking the door securely and with finality behind her. She would drop the keys at the attorney’s office on her way to the port where she would board a ship—a ship due to sail later that evening. Soon she’d be on her way back to the country of her birth, a country that she had loved passionately—a country that she’d been told she’d never see again.

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Jasmine Hill’s Bio 

Jasmine was born in Australia and grew up in Sydney. She currently lives in Madrid, Spain with her husband.

She adores reading all genres but in particular she enjoys erotic romance novels and thrillers.

Jasmine loves writing and is always looking for new ideas for stories that will provoke inner passions, stimulate the senses and ignite the imagination.

Her interests include cooking, traveling, yoga and skiing.

She has won some short story competitions and is now excited to have started publishing her erotic romance stories through Totally Bound Publishing.

You can find Jasmine at: her Website * Twitter * Facebook

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