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Gay Media Reviews

Gay Media Reviews banner5 out of 5 Stars

4/24/14 Reviewed by: Paul

I so enjoyed the writing style of the author, Jennifer Wright very much and the unique world she created with vampires, dragons and all the creepy creatures in her realm. Her detailed writing of the characters was so spot on that I felt that I knew them. She really knows how to set the stage for high intensity scenes with beautiful men and the love between Wesley and Remus was so beautifully written that the reader will want more and more of these men. The great news is the author sets up the stage for the next book and I for one can’t wait. I highly recommend this novel, Pavarus by Jennifer Wright for anymore who loves reading about vampires, danger, hot men, blood thirsty creatures and beautiful man on man love!!!!

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The Novel Approach

The Novel Approach button5 out of 5 Stars

8/8/13 Reviewed by: Jackie

I have to say I am a kind of vampire story junkie, so I was excited to read a new-to-me author’s take on the vampire genre. I have read so many vampire stories I didn’t think I could be surprised any longer, but Jennifer Wright has proven me wrong. Not only did I find the universe she created unique, but I loved the villains in this story also. This is the first book in the series, so there was some world building, but it was done so well I didn’t feel that I was being bombarded with detail after detail I had to memorize to understand the story. The author also set up the next books in the series very well and gave us some of the history of the next couples ahead of time in this book.

I highly recommend this book and I am very anxious to read the next book in the series and the next and the next and the next!

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Top 2 Bottom Reviews

top2bottom_resized5 out of 5 Kisses

11/11/2012 Reviewed by: Gabbi

Wow! I’ve read a lot of paranormal stories in the past few years, but I have to say that Pavarus by Jennifer Wright is one of my favorites I’ve ever read. In my opinion, it had a very fresh read on a well-used storyline and the characters in this book were all interesting, unique people who I found myself really caring about.

Both Remus and Wesley were characters I really loved getting to know. They’re both stubborn and sometimes don’t always think before they act, but the respect, friendship and love they have for each other was very addictive to read. Both men are torn by their feelings for each other and as well as knowing that their love will possibly be short lived, due to Wesley needing to return home. I also loved the bond between them and thought the love scenes were very sexy, passionate and even romantic at times.

I also thought the other realm this author created was very unique and well written. I found myself becoming as fascinated with Pavarus as Wesley was. I also loved the paranormal aspect of the book (read it and find out what it is) and thought the secondary characters brought a lot to the story as well.

This was also a one-tissue read for me. There was an event in particular that really broke my heart as well as the outcome from it. But even though this was a tear-jerker for me at times, there are also some very lighthearted, funny moments in this as well. I thought the author did an excellent job at writing a dramatic, paranormal romance without it being bogged down with too much angst. Between the romance, action, mystery and adventure, Pavarus is one of my favorite paranormal books I’ve read this year. Since this is the first book in a series, I’m anxious to read more about these characters and the interesting lives they lead. Highly Recommended!

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Sensual Reads

Sensual Reads4.5 out of 5 Stars

11/12/13 Reviewed by: Elise

Jennifer Wright has woven an amazing story,  one filled with lots of surprises and more than a few tears and smiles.  Pavarus is one story that will grab you and keep you up reading to see what will happen next.  Fast-paced and very hot, Jennifer Wright’s Pavarus is one story not to be missed.

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Joyfully Jay

Joyfully-Jay-badge4.25 out of 5 Stars

7/3/13 Reviewed by: Jay

I picked this one up a while back in part of my attempt to broaden my reading horizons beyond so much contemporary.  And I am really glad I did because I found it an interesting twist on both the fantasy and paranormal genre, and almost a combination of the two.  There is definitely a fantasy feel to Pavarus, with the dragons and the witches and the medieval vibe to the setting and the villages.  At the same time, there is the inclusion of the vampires, an interesting twist that I don’t usually see in this setting.  I think Wright does a nice job here with the world building, showing the different factions on Pavarus and the animosity between the dragons and the vampires.  Here the vampires are mostly good, while the dragons are violent and dangerous and seek to harm the vampires.  I found myself drawn into the setting and think the world building is nicely done.

I also liked the relationship between Wesley and Remus.  Although it is pretty clear these two will end up together, I think Wright gives them some interesting challenges.  Remus is not initially interested in mating, nor is he interested in men.  I liked that despite the fact that this is technically an OFY story, there is really no issue for Remus at all when he recognizes his attraction for Wesley (and same sex partnerships are totally accepted).  I am always a sucker for the big strong protector character and I loved how Remus dotes on his smaller and more fragile mate. But I also appreciated that Wesley is a fighter and there is a lot of spirit in him as well.  I was a little frustrated by the lack of communication between them, especially as both start to realize they want more from each other and aren’t willing to say so.  This leads to a lot of the typical romance land miscommunication about what the MCs truly want.  But I also get that Remus doesn’t want Wesley to feel obligated to stay in Pavarus, while Wesley doesn’t want to force himself on Remus if he is not wanted.

The story incorporates some other side characters fairly prominently, something that I think works well with some small issues.  We meet several of Remus’ friends and fellow warriors and learn about their relationships.  Some of them are very interesting, like his friend Aliam and his mate, who have been together for years.  And his friends Zane and Larken, who are attracted to one another but haven’t figured out how to really admit it yet.  So I really enjoyed hearing these side stories and thought it brought some nice depth to the story.  But we also find ourselves in these guys heads for part of the book and at times it was distracting from the main relationship between Wesley and Remus. This is especially true early on before the MCs really have developed a relationship together and we spend a lot of time with these other guys instead.  Maybe just a little too much head hopping between them all.  I also didn’t really see the point of Damien’s feud with Zane, as nothing really happens and basically we just hear Damien complain about how much he hates Zane.  So I think this could have been tightened up a little, but I did enjoy these secondary folks and hope we see more of them as the series continues. (I am especially interested in the relationship between Zane and Larken!)

I also think the ending could have been a bit more solid.  There were some things that felt a bit muddled to me as they reach the climax, especially in relation to the head vampire Keddrick and his role in everything.  But overall I really enjoyed this one and found it a lot of fun.  I was totally engrossed and once I started I didn’t want to put it down.  I definitely am looking forward to more from this series.  So if you are looking for a fantasy with a bit of a paranormal twist, Pavarus is definitely worth checking out.

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The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews review button4 out of 5 Stars

9/23/13 Reviewed by: Laurie

The world building done by Jennifer Wright was a flawless blending of middle ages earth and the modern world we live in, set in another dimension.

The well-rounded secondary characters of Vampires, Witches and Dragons enrich this story. The writing is easy to read, the storyline flows along, pulling me deeper into their world. This was a fun fantasy to read.

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Coffee Time Romance

Coffee Time Romance review button4 out of 5 Cups

2/22/2013 Reviewed by: Lototy

The highs and lows for the characters in this story are exhilarating, excruciating, and every emotion in between. There is so much more going on than a love affair between Wes and Remus as every character who enters the scene feels like they have a story to tell. It really adds a layer of complexity for the reader to get little snippets of the other lives circulating throughout this storyline. This series will be one to watch for any vampire and M/M book lover.

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Literary Nymphs

Literary Nymphs Review4 out of 5 Nymphs

11/26/2012 Reviewed by: Chocolate Minx

Jennifer Wright’s Pavarus is an impressive saga I found both intriguing and enjoyable. I look forward to the next episode.

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Hearts on Fire Reviews

Hearts on Fire Reviews3 out of 5 hearts

2/16/2013 Reviewed by: Susan

This was a good, solid start to the series.  The author paints a picture of a fascinating world in which we meet a lot of interesting characters.  We follow Wes and Remus on their journey and are able to see their relationship grow and strengthen.  Remus has never been attracted to a man before and he struggles with his feelings at times.  Wes is keen to go home and feels out of place in this new world so tries to harden his heart against the vampire but it’s not that easy.

I liked the story more and more as the book progressed.  I cared about Wes and Remus and was desperate to know how they would resolve their situation.

Many of the other characters jumped out at me, too, and there are definitely some I hope to read more about in future books in this series, especially Zane and Larken.  I really hope there will be a book in this series that deals with their relationship.

There were moments of happiness and sadness in this book and it had all the right elements to get me hooked.  The hints about the relationships of some of the other characters were just enough to get me intrigued but not too much to distract from the story of Wes and Remus. 

I’m definitely looking forward to the next book and can see this series getting better and better.

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Total-E-Bound – Peer to Peer Review

TEB-logo_40011/27/2012 Reviewed by: Noelle Keaton

Pavarus, a new paranormal romance by Jennifer Wright, begins with a splash-literally-as Wesley is thrown out of a canoe while on a camping trip with his boyfriend.  After nearly drowning after going overboard, Wesley awakens to find himself on the planet Pavarus, where he dodges dráguns and is rescued by vampires.  Though he has a difficult time accepting that he’s no longer on Earth, Wesley cannot deny his attraction to one vampire in particular, Remus.  But while Remus is drawn to Wesley too, he resists it because he doesn’t want to be involved with a male or a human.  As a commander and leader of the coven’s warriors, Remus doesn’t want or need the distraction of a relationship, but eventually he is forced to acknowledge his feelings when Wesley’s life is at risk.  In turn, Wesley is also forced to choose between his home on Earth, or the unfamiliar Pavarus, where Remus and a chance at love lives.

Jennifer Wright has created a compelling and absorbing world with well developed characters.  The chemistry between Wesley and Remus is positively electric, and Wright does an excellent job of developing their relationship both emotionally and physically.  The subplots and its characters are well integrated into Pavarus’s main themes so that they feel part of a cohesive whole, instead of merely tacked on.  Occasionally heartbreaking, but ultimately uplifting, Pavarus is a wonderful story filled with lots of romance and action.  It’s a story I loved reading and highly recommend it to others.

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