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Gay Media Reviews

Gay Media Reviews banner5 out of 5 Stars

8/13/14 Reviewed by: Paul

I loved this novel so much so that the author had me on the edge of my seat through the entire novel. I couldn’t predict what was about to happen next and that is a great quality in writing. Jennifer’s writing is simply brilliant and how she comes up with these stories, characters, realms and unique worlds in this fascinating genre.

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Top 2 Bottom Reviews

top2bottom_resized5+ out of 5 Kisses

2/22/14 Reviewed by: Gabbi

Once in a while I have to privilege to read and review a book that will touch my heart, as well as, easily finding myself get totally lost within the story of two incredible men that the author weaves. Airos by Jennifer Wright has everything I love about reading romances and more! Airos is the third book in the Finding Home series. As much as I enjoyed the other books, in my opinion, each story keeps getting better and better as the series progresses.

….. The love story itself was enough to make me happy, but the author throws in an action packed, nail biting, heartfelt storyline that kept this reader on the edge of her seat. Airos is extremely well told and although there is plenty of angst and heavy moments, Ms. Wright balances it out beautifully with lighthearted moments too.

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The Novel Approach

The Novel Approach button5 out of 5 Stars

8/31/13 Reviewed by: Jackie

If you are a fan of the series, you have been waiting for this book for a long time, and I believe it was well worth the wait. As much as I was rooting for Zane and Larken in the beginning, I found myself equally rooting for Zane and Boek. I think I would have been happy with either outcome, but the final choice was a good one in my opinion.

Jennifer Wright had me on the edge of my seat and I didn’t relax until I read the final word. I highly recommend this book, but I will warn you, if you don’t read the first two books, a lot of this book won’t make much sense. I love this series and the next books have been set up wonderfully, and I cannot wait to see who is next in line.

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Literary Nymph Reviews

Literary Nymphs Review5 out of 5 Nymphs

12/14/13 Reviewed by: Chocolate Minx

Jennifer Wright has created an incredibly emotional action filled saga that I enjoyed immensely.

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Sensual Reads

Sensual Reads4.5 out of 5 Stars

8/9/14 Reviewed by: Elise

Action is never ceasing and neither is the pain of both betrayal and battle.

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MM Good Book Reviews

mmgoodbookreviews_logo4 out of 5 Hearts

12/2/13 Reviewed by: Pixie

I recommend this to those who love paranormal worlds, battling factions, a brilliant developing storyline, great characters, twists, finding love in difficult circumstances and much more to come in the future.

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