I’d like to welcome the wonderful Imogene Nix as my guest today. Imogene had been a busy woman in 2012 with the releases of her SciFi romance series, Warriors of the Elector, and she hasn’t seemed to slow down for 2013. She has recently published another book and has 3 more titles publishing over the next three months – two of which are from Total-E-Bound – Blame the Wine (which she’ll be discussing with us today) and The Blood Bride.

Whew! Dang, Imogene, that’s a lot. Congrats!

So, everyone please give Imogene a warm welcome as she tells us a little bit about herself and her upcoming release, Blame the Wine. And feel free to leave a comment or two. 🙂

Imogene Nix - Blame the Wine cover 4-29-13

When and why did you begin writing?

That is easy.  I came home from the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Bondi in March 2011.  Initially it was one of those… “I can do this” things, that kind of snowballed.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

World building.  I love being able to create worlds, peoples and situations that I can manipulate (the more the better.) 

Do you have a specific writing style?

I’m a total pantster.  I can have a vague idea what is going to happen, who will end up with whom… but that’s about as far as it goes.  I would have to say I like a bit of comedic relief but I love broken characters, whose issues I can delve into.

What do you find is the hardest thing about being an author?

There’s actually 2 things.

  1.  Have you tried everything out.  Well given that I don’t know any vampires, Celtic goddesses or brownies and am unlikely to go into space, I can honestly say no.
  2. Do I write porn – like FSOG.  Sigh…

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb – I like that she can have a hard hitting female lead.  Who has had to learn to be able to admit she can’t cope.  There’s something in her style, maybe it’s because she breaks the rules and it works, maybe it’s the depth of characters… It’s just something that is there but hard to put your finger on.

What inspired you to write Blame the Wine?

Blame the Wine started off as something completely different.  Initially it was meant to be a 5K Erotic story – heavy on the erotic content.  It didn’t fit the bill though… as the back story kept flowing.  It was something I kind of was afraid to go back to, but I realised it had merit… with a little judicious editing.  I wanted to write an essentially contemporary story with a little paranormal aspects… One that featured characters that didn’t get as much airplay… hence I chose the celtic pantheon.

How did you come up with the title Blame the Wine?

Story naming is something that comes fairly easily.  Given that the first major intimate scene sees them slightly tipsy, it just made sense to me to “Blame The Wine.”

If you were to give your book a Heat Rating, (lowest) 1—simmering, 2—sizzling, 3—on fire, or 4—blazing (highest), which would it be and why?

It’s a 1 – sizzling 🙂  I’m not a prude, I just find that is where my scenes seem to fit.  I don’t really like the idea of writing ménage or some of the more adventurous antics 🙂

What’s next for you?

I have another book due out in June 2013 with TEB called The Blood Bride.  It’s the first in a trilogy (The Blood Secrets Series) featuring vampires and a hierarchy that is old and well… I can’t tell you the rest, otherwise I might have to bite you 🙂

Imogene Nix - Blame the Wine cover 4-29-13Book Blurb

Cara is stuck.  A job going nowhere and a hankering for the sexy gorgeous boss who doesn’t even know she exists.  Fate, in the guise of a temp position arrives… Where will it lead?

Dillon is a geek.  No other word could possibly describe him.  He may be sexy and super brainy, but he’s totally clueless with women and especially the sexy plus size Cara.  But when his PA takes emergency leave before her wedding, the luscious Cara is the best applicant for the position.  It’s an opportunity he can’t pass up.

What will happen when two clueless, wannabe lovers get a little divine intervention?


The elevator pinged once, loudly.  It pierced the cool silence of the marbled lobby while the door slid open with a grind and he stepped in feeling the slight rock of the small box.  He noted with amazement she was also waiting for the elevator, and had been waiting patiently behind him. 

Today she wore a bronze colored top of some silky material with cutwork at the top shadowing her pale skin, teamed with matching pants.  Spiky nude shoes completed the look and her gorgeous black hair was swept back into a ponytail leaving her swan like throat bared for his scrutiny.  Her luscious breasts, full and high filled the fitted top to perfection and he hand to control the urge to step forward and kiss her pale glossy painted lips.  He peeked a glance at her fingers, just as he always did.  Still bare.  He breathed a grateful sigh of relief knowing she remained single, for now, anyway.  Or at least her lack of rings showed no visible signs of a relationship.  The thought ricocheted through his mind and he had to control himself, otherwise he knew he would have blurted out a question as to her current status.

“Can you press ten, please?”  Her voice filled the air.  Its breathy quality heating him from within and he wanted to close his eyes, as the pleasure curled through his gut.

“Sure.”  He reached over to depress the button watching her body’s graceful movement toward the back of the cubicle and he nearly fell over, losing his centre of balance with the heavy briefcase in one hand.  He was such a klutz.

“Are you okay?”  The concern in her voice called to him as he pressed the close button .  Her fingers touched him, offering support, but he shook his head in silence.  Instead of being a friendly touch, they warmed him at the point of contact with a little zing of electricity.  Oh God!  Here he was with the woman he dreamed of and he still couldn’t get it together.  His heart thudded in his chest.  He wanted to close his eyes and cringe in embarrassment.

“Yeah, I just lost my balance a little.”  She smiled at his words and stepped back against the wall, her lips curving upwards.  He wanted to lean forward and touch them, but couldn’t.  Wouldn’t , really.  What if she thinks I’m a nut?  He was so much better off concentrating on what he knew best.  His business.  He nodded silently in his head, congratulating himself slightly on the cool-headed thoughts.  But it didn’t ease the ache in his chest that here lay an opportunity.  One he was too craven to accept, he privately admitted.

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Imogene Nix - pic 4-29-13Author bio

Wife, mother and nutty bookstore owner all describe Imogene Nix, but the real secret is Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance with a hefty dose of Romantic Suspense is what she adores. Dedicated to high quality romance, with a dollop of erotic interactions, Imogene has dipped her toes into Science Fiction, Contemporary Rural Romance and Paranormal Romance featuring feisty headstrong female leads.

You can find Imogene at: Website * Blog * Google+ * Goodreads * Facebook * Twitter