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I don’t know why, but I just loved the feature I did in BTS eMag. There’s nothing more refreshing then shouting to the world what you love. In my case, it was what I love to write.

You can check it out HERE, or just read below. 🙂

I Write What I Love, by Jennifer Wright

Since I began writing, I’ve been asked two main questions.

Question number 1 – Why do you write M/M romance instead of M/F romance? Well, the answer is simple…because I like it. Oh, so taboo, so scandalous! “But you’re a woman—how can you like two men together romantically?” I say, if society thinks it’s okay for a man to enjoy seeing/having/reading/etc. two women together romantically, then what’s wrong with a woman liking two men together? It’s not taboo or any other such nonsense, it’s just what some people like. It’s amazing how many women out there read M/M romance, and I think it’s becoming more and more known and accepted. So cheers to that!

That answer usually gets them thinking and finally understanding.

I’ve tried writing M/F romance. My first book (not published yet) was M/F. Same for the second book. But when I was halfway through writing my third book, I was introduced to the wonderful world of M/M romance, and since then I haven’t looked back. Once I changed my third book to M/M, the story just flew from there. I’ve even gone back and changed my second book to M/M, and am thinking about changing my first book as well. I still like reading M/F romance, but it’s just not it in me to write it.

Now, on to question 2 – Why don’t you write contemporary romance? If anyone has read any of my books, you’ll see one common thing – it’s all paranormal. What can I say, it’s what I love. Give me vampires, shifters and fairies, oh my! (yes, I know, totally unoriginal and overused, but I said it anyway :P) Give me Angels and Demons! Give me SciFi! Take me to a world with aliens! Toss me through a black hole – I’d love to explore what’s on the other side! I’ll stand tall and shout to the world I LOVE PARANORMAL ROMANCE!

Now, I’m not against contemporary romance at all, but I’m not that good at coming up with stories for it. More power to the authors who can! But for me, I want to experience something that will never happen…well, maybe it will someday *fingers crossed*. I’m the kind of personal that lives for paranormal. I dream of the day that the creatures that go bump in the night finally join our world. If a werewolf was chasing me, I’d be the person smiling and shouting, “This is so cool”, as I ran. I’d happily bare my neck to the cute, tall-haired vampire while saying, “Have at it, Edward.” 😉 I’m the type of person that looks for fairies in the forest, that keeps my eye out for any pointy-eared elves among the crowd. Did I just see a ghost?! What spell can I brew up next? Beam me up, Scotty!

I want it all!

Still, I get asked to write contemporary. I do have a few contemporary stories started, and someday I’ll finish them, but for now you can pretty much rely on me sticking with the genre I love, paranormal.

Well, I’m off to vanquish some demons, so ta for now, but feel free to check out my new vampire release, Athis Dey: Finding Home series book 4, at Totally Bound. https://www.totallybound.com/athis-dey

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