The talented Lisabet Sarai has stopped by on her blog tour to interview Etienne, one of her characters from her new release, The Ingredients of Bliss.

She is also hosting an awesome giveaway – loads of prizes – and is giving a free copy of her own cookbook Recipes from an International Kitchen to all who leave a comment!

Please join me in welcoming Lisabet and Etienne!

[Ingredients of Bliss Blog Tour 15-30 August]

An Interview with Etienne Duvalier

By Lisabet Sarai

Lisabet Sarai: Good afternoon, M. Duvalier. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to talk to our readers.

Etienne Duvalier: De rien, Mademoiselle. I’m delighted to talk to you if it will help sell more of our books.

LS: Excellent. To begin: what was your first impression of Mei Lee Wong?

ED: Honestly? I thought she was an presumptuous upstart with insufficient respect for the traditions of timeless French cuisine. Her tendency to defile classic recipes with bizarre, often Asian, ingredients smacked of sacrilege.

LS: “Sacrilege?” Don’t you think that’s a bit extreme? Weren’t her variations delicious?

ED: Yes, of course, she’s a very talented chef. I’ve come to appreciate her creativity a bit more since then. At the time, though, I found her intermittently infuriating.

LS: But sexually attractive, right?

ED: How could I not? Everyone who meets Ms. Wong is impressed by her – how should I phrase this? – her animal vitality. She’s pretty, too, but there are many pretty women in the world. Mei Lee has something extra, something that sets her apart.

LS: Something that makes you want to serve her, to be her slave?

ED: Do we really have to talk about that in a public interview? (sighs) Oh, I suppose at this point it’s no secret. Very well, I’ll admit I’ve always had fantasies about serving strong women. I never dared to act on them until Ms. Wong sprinkled that oriental love dust on top of her appetizers. After all, the notion of being on my knees, begging for a woman’s discipline, doesn’t really fit with my sophisticated and somewhat macho image on camera.

LS: The audience loved it, though.

ED: In moderation. (shudders) I’m certain they would have been shocked if they’d seen some of the things she did  to me…. (smiles a bit)

LS: But you don’t regret it, do you?

ED: No, I’ll always be grateful to Mei Lee for setting me free, helping me to express and fulfill my true sexual needs. Not to mention the fact that she probably saved my life, and Harry’s.

LS: Speaking of Harry –  did it bother you that he saw you in your submissive role?

ED: Oddly enough, no. I was so aroused by Ms. Wong’s treatment that I really didn’t care. Also, I understood that deep down, his goal was the same as mine: to satisfy Mei Lee Wong. He just used different methods.

Lisabet Sarai 2 - theingredientsofbliss_800 cover2 8-19-14The Ingredients of Bliss By Lisabet Sarai

Contemporary BDSM ménage

Totally Bound, 2014


One sexy French chef. One kinky American TV producer. One ambitious Chinese gal who thinks she wants them both. The ingredients of bliss? Or a recipe for disaster?

Accomplished cook Mei Lee “Emily” Wong knows exactly what she wants—her own show on the Tastes of France food channel. But life is full of complications. First, her deceptively nerdy producer, Harry Sanborne, initiates Emily into the delights of submission. Then her boss, legendary chef Etienne Duvalier, begs her to dominate him. Emily just can’t resist—especially when Harry orders her to explore her inner mistress. Suave and sexy Etienne will do whatever she asks—in the bedroom if not in the kitchen. And Harry, her lovingly diabolical Dom, adores pushing Emily’s limits.

When the network sends the trio to France to shoot a series of cooking shows on location, Emily knows her career is on the upswing. Her plans fall apart in Marseille as a Hong Kong drug syndicate kidnaps both Etienne and Harry. The Iron Hammer Triad mistakes Etienne for notorious gangster Jean Le Requin, who has stolen their drug shipment, worth millions. Emily realizes she must find the real Le Requin, retrieve the purloined dope, and bargain it for Harry’s and Etienne’s lives. The secret she’s been keeping from Harry might prove useful. Still, what chance does one woman whose knife skills are limited to chopping vegetables, have against the ruthless cruelty of two criminal organizations?

Excerpt (X rated)

After locking the door, he slipped out of his shoes, as I had taught him, then remained standing near the door, awaiting my next instructions. His arms hung in front of him, one hand grasping the other. His chest rose and fell with his rapid breathing. The loose jersey of his outfit could not hide the substantial bulge at his crotch.

I let the suspense build, giving him plenty of time to wonder what I’d require from him tonight. He shifted his weight from his left foot to his right and back. The fingers of his right hand tightened around his left wrist. His lips pressed together into a thin line, as though he were afraid of what would emerge if he should open them. His nostrils flared as he picked up my scent and a faint flush painted his chiseled features.

I could see his excitement and his fear rising together, one feeding on the other. The subtle physical cues seemed obvious. I suddenly understood why Harry found me so transparent.

The seconds stretched into minutes. I continued to study him, reading the signs of his growing need. My arousal tracked his, eating into my patience. “Strip,” I commanded finally, unable to wait any longer.

Without the slightest hesitation, he drew the sweatshirt over his head and revealed the glory of his lightly furred chest. Unsure of what to do with the garment, he looked to me for guidance.

“The floor will do. I have plans for the chair.”

He tossed the shirt aside like some rag, then pushed the sweatpants down his corded thighs to his ankles and stepped out of them. His eagerness made me grin.

“No undershorts, Etienne? What a nasty little man you are!” I swung myself off the bed and strode to face him, swaying on my heels.

His cock rose from its nest of auburn curls, hugely swollen, trembling with his every breath. I pinched the taut skin covering the bulb and was rewarded by a gasp. Gathering pre-cum from the tip, I smeared it across his pursed lips. He shuddered with what might have been disgust, but didn’t resist.

“Perhaps I need to give you a pair of my panties. Silky, frilly ones, with lots of lace. You’ll wear them for our next show. Shall I do that?”

I stalked around him, admiring his bronzed skin and the lean muscle that rippled beneath. I knew Etienne loved to eat almost as much as he loved to cook, but you’d never believe that from his athlete’s body, which was firm and sleek, without an ounce of fat. He stood at attention, shoulders squared and back straight. I ran my fingernail down his spine and smiled at his shivering response.

Paler then the rest of him, his magnificent ass swelled from his narrow waist, with matching dimples on either side of the shadowed crease. I wanted to fondle that astounding butt, to mold and massage each perfect orb, to press my lips against the silky skin. To worship it, in short. Instead, I landed a vicious slap on the right globe. My palm stung with the force of it. Undeterred by my own pain, I smacked the opposite cheek. The flesh wobbled slightly with the force of my blow, and pink blotches appeared on the creamy background. I spanked him again, on the same side. He bit back a moan.

“On your hands and knees, slave.”

Almost before the words had left my mouth, he assumed the required position.

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