The wonderful Aurelia Evans is my guest today, and she talks of a subject that I’m quit fond of myself – body art and piercings. While I have four tattoos, Kelly, in Cry Wolf, far surpasses mine and it’s fascinating picturing them in my mind. This woman loves the pain and pleasure of it and it’s intriguing as to why.

Please join me in welcoming Aurelia as she tells us about Kelly and Cry Wolf. 🙂

Aurelia T. Evans - Cry Wolf cover 3-3-14

Thank you so much for having me over, Jennifer. It’s a pleasure to be here today.

My newest novel, Cry Wolf, came out on Totally Bound last Friday, so I’m super stoked about that. (It’ll be available in wide release, ebook and print, on March 28.) It’s the second story in the Sanctuary trilogy, and instead of continuing Renee’s story from Winter Howl directly, we’re skipping over to another perspective, that of the werewolf/witch that Renee met in Winter Howl, Kelly O’Connell.

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to Kelly that it’s hard to know where to start. Do we talk about how she’s the perfect contrasting personality to Renee and thus serves as a good middle book protagonist before returning to Renee for the finale, Call for Blood? Do we talk about how she loves being naked? Do we talk about how much tension and trouble her witch and werewolf sides give her, or her human sense of ethics in a werewolf world? Do we talk about how she turns pack dynamics on their heads by her very existence? Do we talk about how trying to label her sexual preferences is like trying to pin a tail on a cat?

I figured that today I could talk about the most obvious aspect about her, the thing you’d notice if you met her for the first time—at least if she was naked, as she tends to be when she’s in a werewolf pack or on the dog sanctuary compound.

Kelly isn’t the only character I’ve written with extensive body modification—which I’m rather partial to in spite of only having pierced ears, and that only once—but she’s the first, and thus her body mods mean as much to me as they do to her.

For someone as tightly wound as Kelly—trying to keep her magic under control when the lycanthropy isn’t enough—the painful process of tattooing and piercing gives her peace. She’s a masochist in the truest sense of the word and loves pain—loved it even before she was a werewolf. The werewolf transformation just added another series of masochistic streaks to her already violent highlights. Not only that, but as a girl who has prophetic blackouts and dreams, she sometimes gets the unignorable impulse to tattoo certain things on her body, to mark herself.

The most significant of those markings is the intricate, elaborately confusing, thin, black filigree that starts just above her navel and extends up the breastbone to spread over the chest. The cover artists at Totally Bound spoiled me rotten by including that tattoo on the cover art, even the most important part of it that I can’t share (spoilers) and that no one else can discern—but I know it’s there, and that’s what’s important.

In addition to the prophetic tattoo on her chest, Kelly’s got the roses over her shoulders and upper arms, a corset lacing tattoo on her lower back, a dark fairy tattoo on one thigh, an albino python on the other, two simpler symbols of her lycanthropy on her feet, and bar piercings on her nipples and clitoral hood. And she’s just getting started. 🙂 She’s still got some room left, not to mention plenty of time. Her magic ensures that they stay fresh and bright and that her werewolf healing fills in the scarring gaps. Magic is incredibly useful.

It was a pleasure using Kelly’s body as my canvas, and I know she enjoyed it as well. I don’t know whether Kelly’s going to get her own stories beyond the Sanctuary trilogy, but it was truly amazing hanging out with her while I could. Suffice it to say, this is not the last body modded character I’m going to write.

Below is an excerpt of Cry Wolf that is relevant to these interests. Enjoy!

Aurelia T. Evans - Cry Wolf cover 3-3-14Blurb

As a werewolf and witch, Kelly belongs to neither pack nor coven, making her a perfect addition to the ragtag collection of dogs, humans and canine shapeshifters at the Chambers Dog Sanctuary.

After recently being transformed against his will, Malcolm—one of the Sanctuary residents—wants nothing more than to shed his werewolf skin and return to his shapeshifter pack. Kelly tries to help him accept his new wolf nature, but then some of the shapeshifters discover Salvation, an organization that claims to cure magical hybrids. Kelly has long since made peace with lycanthropy, which tempers her volatile magic, but when Malcolm begs Kelly to accompany him for one last attempt to resume his old life, she agrees for his sake.

Upon arriving at Salvation, however, the already shaky balance of her life becomes even more tenuous, forcing Kelly to decide which part of herself, wolf or witch, she loves—or fears—more.


[Here, we briefly meet the charismatic leader of Salvation, Abraham, with whom Kelly has more in common than she thought, not to mention chemistry that just does not quit.]

“What on earth have you done to yourself?” he asked with a sense of wonder as he stared at the canvas of her skin.

She just bent down to remove her shoes and peel off her tights.

“Pierced with a thousand needle pricks and still unable to keep the beast at bay, yet you refuse to let me help you.”

Kelly drew him to her without touching him. When he was close enough, she took his chin in ungentle fingers, his facial hair prickling harsh and delightful against her sensitive skin. She pulled his face level with hers. His gaze was drawn to her lips.

“What makes you think that this is because of the werewolf?” she asked.

Kelly licked his lower lip then shoved him against the wall again. She floated herself the short distance to him before unfastening the button and zipper of his trousers. He wore nothing underneath, and as she took his cock in hand, she pressed their lips together. The kiss was less of a battle this time, but that took none of the edge off his desperation as he jerked his erection into the warm circle of her hand. She wrenched a moan out of him and drank it down with relish.

Her hand tightened around him as his magic flew them through the air and dropped them onto the bed. The springs creaked under the dark coverlet. He winced when her falling momentum made her tug too hard on his erection, but he forgot about that brief pain as she slid her hand farther down to cup his sac, teasing the flesh behind it until his breath caught.

Abraham eased her hand off of him so that he could remove his trousers. Then he knelt above her, tracing the serpent up over her hip and taking in the glint of metal in her nipples. He touched the dark filigree that started just below her breasts and slid his hand up, tilting his head to the side as he studied it.

“Amazing work,” he murmured. “It’s like a drawn spell. A very appropriate one.”

“I don’t understand,” Kelly said, propping herself up on her elbows.

“You put it on your body, but you don’t know what it means?” Abraham asked incredulously.

“It came to me in a dream trance,” Kelly said. “I awoke with the knowledge that I had to ink it in, but I never knew why.”

“You mean you never saw the words?” Abraham asked. “It’s subtle, but once you see it, it cannot be unseen. It’s clear as day to me.”

Kelly clenched her fists in the coverlet, incensed. Her own magic had taken over her body and made her draw the design, had compelled her to put it on her body. She had seen it for two years every time she’d looked down or looked in a mirror. It had never revealed its secret to her. But it had revealed itself to him. He, of all people, had been given the answer to the mystery. Kelly’s claws pierced through the blanket.

He covered her with his shadow, tenderly stroking the halo of hair around her face.

“You are magnificent,” he whispered. “To have all this magic and not even know what you are capable of, to not even know what you are or what you could be. And yet you insist on imprisoning yourself in this wolf.”

Kelly wrapped her leg around his and deftly flipped them over so that he was beneath her. His laughter was abruptly cut short when she brought the sharp tips of her claws against his throat, poking his prominent Adam’s apple. He swallowed, but his amusement remained.

“Tell me what it says,” Kelly said.

“Why, Kelly, where are your manners?” Abraham chided. “Put the monster away. This isn’t the time for that kind of magic.”

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Totally Bound: https://www.totallybound.com/cry-wolf

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Author bio

Aurelia T. Evans is a hopefully up-and-coming erotica write with a penchant for horror and the supernatural. She’s had short stories featured in Amber Dawn’s Fist of the Spider Woman, Kristina Wright’s Fairy Tale Lust, and Mitzi Szereto’s Thrones of Desire. Her first novel about shapeshifters, werewolves, and the woman who loves them, Winter Howl, debuted November 2012. The sequel, Cry Wolf, was released February 28, 2014, at Totally Bound and will be widely released in March 28, 2014.

You can find her on her Blog or on Facebook 😀