The lovely Lynley Wayne is here as my guest today. She’s sharing with us a little bit about herself and her book, A Life Interrupted.

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When and why did you begin writing?

I began writing seriously in 2009. Before then I would jot down stories, or scenes, or ideas, but never really thought I had what it took to get published. I mean, being an author was something other people did, right? People with lots of talent and college degrees in English or Creative Writing or Journalism. I had none of those, so there was no way I could ever be a writer. Then I met someone who changed my life. At a convention I met and talked with Sherrilyn Kenyon (who is one of the nicest people you will ever meet). I of course told her I had always wanted to write but I didn’t believe myself talented enough. She basically told me to go for it, because I would never know unless I tried. It was simple advice and I doubt she even remembers the conversation, but it meant a lot to me. I went home and I thought about what she had said. What did I have to lose? I wasn’t working at the time and I didn’t have to tell anyone else, so if I failed, then I failed. If not… what if I didn’t crash and burn? What if I succeeded? Three days later I sat down and started the first draft of, Scars. Which ended up being my first novel published.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

I love the surprise of it all. Not knowing what’s going to happen and having the honor of a front row seat to watch it all unfold. It’s an adventure with endless possibilities. Sometimes an exciting one, other times an emotional one, but always an adventure.

What do you find is the hardest thing about being an author?

For me, the hardest thing is social media. Before I sold, Scars, I had a Facebook page I never used. In the three years I’d had it I think I posted twice. Now I have more accounts than I know that to do with. I’m still horrible about posting, but I’m better than I was.

Was there anything you found particularly challenging when writing, A Life Interrupted?

With Dan and Travis’s story, for me, the hardest part was the emotional aspects. It wasn’t until I was halfway through the first draft that I realized this was my way of dealing with the residual emotions of my grandmother’s death. She passed away in 2006, so she never got to see me become an author, but I know she would have been proud. I got my love of reading from her and my mom. So throughout the process of writing this book and its many versions, she was forefront in my mind. It was both painful and cathartic. Not to mention draining. A Life Interrupted, is the book I am most proud of and will always be special to me.

I hope I can do the sequel justice. It is going to be as difficult, if not more so, than, A Life Interrupted was.

What’s next for you?

At the moment, I’m working on Seth’s story. Seth was introduced in, Rocky’s Road. I’m hoping to have a finished first draft by the end of February. I haven’t decided on a title yet, but I should have one by the time I finish the book. After Seth’s, I plan to start working on the sequel to, A Life Interrupted, which is titled, A New Beginning.

Lynley Wayne - A Life Interrupted cover 2-27-14Book Blurb

Dan and Travis met in college, the unlikeliest of pairs, and then became friends and lovers.  For the past twenty-two years Dan’s lived his own version of happily-ever-after, with Travis by his side. Then tragedy strikes and life as they know it ceases to exist. Will they be strong enough to find their way back from a life interrupted?

While Travis fights for his life, Dan can’ t help but relive all those little moments that made up their life. All those things that he took for granted at the time. Those very same events may end up being all he has left of the man who is his entire world.


Dan pulled the only chair in the room over next to Travis’s bed and took a seat. Tears blurred his vision as he took hold of the hand he knew as well, if not better, than his own. He ran his thumb over the scar on Travis’s first finger. He’d gotten it while chopping vegetables the first year in their new house. Dan remembered how scared he’d been when he’d seen all that blood and how calm Travis had been while he held his hand over the sink. In his typical calm manner, Travis had asked Dan to please hand him a towel and grab him some shoes, because he was pretty sure it was going to need stitches.

Dan traced the callouses on the tips of each finger, from years of playing basketball, playing guitar, and working with his hands.

He pressed the palm of his own hand to Travis’s, aware of its warmth. Travis’s hand was much larger… manlier, than his own. From years of working in an office, Dan’s hands were soft with hardly a mark on them. Travis’s hands were strong— working man’s hands.

Those hands he loved so much had defended him, had loved him, had comforted him, and held him up over the years. So many memories. Dan traced the pale indention at the base of Travis’s ring finger, where his wedding band should’ve been. The worn gold band was on a string around Dan’s neck, where he’d placed it when the nurse had given it to him a little over a week ago.

It was strange to see the hand he knew so well without that ring. Travis had worn it every day for the last twenty-odd years. Dan had placed the ring on his finger a year and a half after they first met in that horrible sports bar and not once had Travis ever willingly taken it off.

It was back before it was actually legal for them to marry, but Travis had wanted Dan to know he was in it for the long haul. So in true Travis fashion, he’d bought them both rings and right there in the living room of their tiny studio apartment, Travis had asked Dan to spend his life with him.

That day had been the happiest of his life. He could remember the tears streaking down both of their faces, voices quaking with emotion, as they made promises to one another before slipping the simple gold bands on each other’s fingers.

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Author bio

Lynley Wayne is the pen name of a thirty-something female living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. When not writing, she can usually be found reading and thinking up creative ways to avoid housework. She is married to a very understanding husband who doesn’t complain when she spends hours in front of the computer and he ends up having to fix supper on occasion. Or when she asks random off the wall questions. Or when she talks for hours about whatever story she’s working on. Yeah, basically he’s vying for sainthood.

Lynley strongly believes everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness, no matter how it may differ from the norm. She writes characters she wants to read and hopes others enjoy them as much as she enjoyed writing them.

It is her hope that one day society will be able to look past the labels and see the person behind it. That they will realize we are all the same. Until that time comes, she will continue telling stories of a love others may believe is wrong, but she thinks is nothing short of beautiful.

You can find Lynley at: her Website * Twitter * Facebook * Facebook Page * LinkedIn * Goodreads