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I know there hasn’t been a lot going on with my blog lately, but due to a personal injury, I haven’t been able to show my blog the attention it deserves. Hopefully that’ll all change here real soon.

I have the next few weeks off to recover from surgery, and I plan on spending as much of that free time as I can writing. With that, I decided I’d put up excerpts/snippets now and then of my WIP’s and would love to hear what y’all think of them.

I’ll start off with my most recent accomplishment, Forbidden Mate (recently revised from a M/F story to M/M). It is still undergoing lot’s of editing and changes, but here’s a little taste of it.

It was heaven waking up with Casey in his arms. Kyle cuddled up as close as he could behind him, burying his nose in his hair, soaking in the scent of peaches and a little bit of what was just Casey. His naked skin was warm against his, so soft. He didn’t know how long he lay there, just breathing in his essence, when Casey finally stirred in his arms. His cock twitched and hardened as he watched the man stretch out like a kitten, moaning softly as his back arched.

When Casey rolled over and smiled at him so sweetly, he was done for. His heart melted then and there. He was lost in the deep green of Casey’s eyes that sparkled back at him. The man was beautiful. Even with his mussed hair and sleepy look, he took Kyle’s breath away. Kyle couldn’t resist kissing him. Casey’s lips were meant for him. The kiss was soft, tender. He took his time savoring every touch, every taste.

He was surprised when Casey rolled him onto his back and straddled his waist. He hardened to the point of pain at the feel of Casey above him, and when the man rolled his hips Kyle lost it. He pulled Casey down and crushed their mouths together. The kiss was searing and rushed and wonderful. He gripped Casey’s hips and grinded their swollen shafts together. The man’s sweet moans made his head spin. Kyle wanted him. All of him.