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I’ve got a hawt excerpt to share with y’all today! It’s from my latest release, Airos: Finding Home Series book 3. You can buy and read Airos today at Totally Bound HERE!

Airos cover

Book blurb

Zane has everything in his life under control and in order, but can he keep it that way when a young dragon is thrown into his life?

Zane was meant to be a warrior—end of story. Though he may not have had the most pleasant life living at the coven, he still loved being there. But the steadiness of his world came to a halt all within one day’s events. A man he never saw coming has pushed the boundaries of what little normalcy he has, and learning of a secret love is just confusing him even more. Zane has never felt more torn on what he should be feeling…and for whom. Though, if he assumed having two men plaguing his every waking thought was hard enough, learning of the danger his mother is in nearly has his head spinning off into another dimension.

The leader of the Dráguns is threatening to take everything dear to him, his best friend is slipping further and further away from him, and a little dragon is managing to get under his skin in more ways than one. Sorting out what he has to do, what he wants and what’s right for him will be the biggest challenge he’s ever been faced with. Will he follow his heart or will he take the easy path…or is the easy path the right path to begin with?

Excerpt (R)

Zane stared down at the man in his arms in surprise.

My name? Have we not done that yet?

No, they hadn’t. He was too busy being completely confused—and turned on—to even think about introducing himself. Here he was pushing the guy into the door, his cock pressed firmly between the dragon’s legs, and they didn’t even know each other’s names.

“Zane,” he said roughly. Quickly clearing his throat, he said again, “My name is Zane.”

“I’m Boek,” the dragon replied then bit his bottom lip, his eyes glazing over with lust as he gazed up at Zane. “Bo,” he said quietly.

Zane tried the name out, letting it leave a permanent connection with his mouth. “Bo.”

Bo smiled and Zane couldn’t resist his lips any longer. Leaning in, Zane took his mouth in a fierce kiss. He swallowed the moans and whimpers Bo fed him, reveling in the feel of the vibrations against his lips and his tongue.

After making sure he had a firm grip on Bo’s backside, he carried the dragon over to his bed. Never breaking the kiss, he lowered them onto the soft surface, laying his body over the smaller man’s. Zane was lost in the feel of the warmth beneath him. He used his hands to explore anywhere and everywhere he could. He took in every soft curve, every hard muscle, the stubble along Bo’s jaw, the rise and fall of his chest. Sneaking a hand under the dragon’s shirt, Zane brushed his thumb along the sweet dip of Bo’s hip, and he craved to follow the path of his finger with the tip of his tongue.

Sitting up, he then grabbed the hem of Bo’s tunic and pulled it up and over his head. Tossing the shirt to the side, he then went for the ties of Bo’s pants. The knot came undone easily and soon Zane was pulling those off as well.

Well, he tried to at least.

He growled at the sound of Bo’s laughter echoing lightly in the room.

“Seems you forgot my boots,” Bo giggled the words out.

Zane growled again in frustration and grabbed one boot in each hand and yanked them off—the pants quickly following after.

Zane’s breath caught at the sight before him. Normally a small and delicate body like Bo’s didn’t appeal to him, but the dragon’s golden skin begged for his touch, and he happily obliged. He ran his hands along Bo’s legs, delighting in the feel of him trembling beneath his fingers. The lust in his lover’s eyes told him he’d hit a sweet spot as he brushed his thumbs over Bo’s hips—right where he’d wanted to lick moments ago.

I still want to.

Leaning down, Zane ran his tongue along the curve of Bo’s hip. His lover hissed then threaded his fingers through Zane’s hair, his grip tight as he held Zane’s head to him. Zane nibbled along the warm skin to the other hip, the thatch of curls around Bo’s shaft tickling his chin as he went. He let his mouth wander and Bo writhed beneath him, his hips lifting up, pleading for Zane to move lower, but Zane took his time tasting every inch of his stomach and chest.

When Bo whimpered, Zane decided to have mercy on the little guy. After wetting two of his fingers, he reached down and slowly circled them around the puckered hole of his lover’s entrance. He kissed his way back down Bo’s chest, and without any further teasing he pushed both fingers inside as he engulfed his cock in one swallow.

Bo cried out and arched up off the bed, pushing his hard length farther into Zane’s mouth.

Zane growled, eliciting another whimper from his lover.

Working his fingers in and out, Zane stretched Bo’s hole. He bobbed his head, his tongue swirling around the mushroom-shaped head each time he came up. Closing his eyes, he savored the taste—salty and sweet at the same time. Bo’s fingers tightened in his hair.

“Zane,” Bo panted. “I’m going to come.”