I have the wonderful DP Denman as my guest today. DP is here to tell us a little bit about herself and her novel, Changing Tide.

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When and why did you begin writing?

Like most writers, I have a long-standing love affair with books. My favorite activity as a kid was trips to the local library to check out a pile of as many stories as I could hold in my arms. It was almost like Christmas!

I wrote my first story when I was eight. It was a short tale about Mr. Smiley complete with stick figure illustrations. I cut out a piece of cardboard and made it into a cover to publish it. I guess somewhere inside I knew my passion for stories would turn into an encompassing obsession.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

Writing is therapeutic for me. It’s an outlet for my internal drama and allows me an alternative to wallowing. I take my emotions to the computer and pour it out on the page a chapter at a time. At the same time, because of the characters I write it’s a reminder that as bad as I think things are someone else has it much worse.

That’s the other half of why I write. I know many people who read to escape an unpleasant reality for a few hours. I tell stories that I hope not only entertain but also give them a warm, fuzzy happy ending to cuddle up with.

Do you have a specific writing style?

I’d have to say “sarcastic”. There is a lot of drama in my stories and tension between characters. There is also a bit of tragedy. Sarcastic humor keeps it from being too heavy. I write about survivors and you can’t be a survivor without a sense of humor…however twisted.

Do you have another job (paid or otherwise) apart from being an author? If so, how do you juggle your time?

Yes, I have a full-time job that pays the bills. Writing is a 20-hour per week part-time job I stack on top of it. It might not be a major source of income but I treat it as if it is so it takes priority over a lot of things. If I left it to chance and only wrote when I had the time or the inclination, I would never do it so it’s on the schedule and I’m at the computer writing every day without fail.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

I have a gaggle of favorite authors and I discover new ones all the time. There are so many talented people out there it’s impossible to keep up with them all. I enjoy authors like Daniel Silva and James R. Tuck who have a way with tension. They can write a scene where the characters are quietly drinking coffee in the kitchen and still keep you on the edge of your seat.

I also enjoy authors like J.K. Rowling and Laurel K. Hamilton for their ability to write with such vivid imagery. You get lost in the story wandering the room with the characters smelling the coffee and feeling the cold tile under your feet.

What inspired you to write Changing Tide?

Changing Tide started out as an idea to write a character that spends his time on his boat and aspires to be a hermit. Then someone comes along and makes him realize he doesn’t really want to be alone. The story of Jack and David emerged from there, though the plot is a lot more complex than I first imagined.

I do only a very general outline of the story before I start writing so the stories are an adventure for me. For the most part I let the characters act it out and I write it down as it happens. Half the time I’m as surprised by the result as the readers. Emerson is a perfect example. I have no idea where that character came from. He was just there one day elbowing his way into the story.

If you were to give your book a Heat Rating, (lowest) 1—simmering, 2—sizzling, 3—on fire, or 4—blazing (highest), which would it be and why?

Changing Tide is a solid three – on fire. There is a lot of sexual tension between the characters and a lot of sex to go with it!

What’s next for you?

More books! I have another novel, Dancer’s Heart, scheduled for release in late December and am currently working on a six-part series that will start in the spring of 2014.

DP Denman - Changing Tide cover 10-14-13Book Blurb

For Jack Lewis love comes from unexpected places…so does tragedy. When David arrived on Vancouver Island, he was just another tourist looking to charter a boat. A few hours on the water together proves he is more than that. As a world traveler, David is a man of mystery who has been everywhere and seen everything.

Attraction draws them together but an attempt at a meaningless fling fails one touch at a time when Jack feels more than he thought he would. The love affair sparks fear in David and jealousy in Emerson, the man who frequents Jack’s bed in a relationship that is all sex and no soul.

At odds with the men in his life Jack tries to talk David into staying and Emerson into going. The attempt sends things spinning out of control and he struggles with the consequences that could leave him empty handed.


Jack ran a hand along smooth, tan skin and leaned close to kiss the same spot before he shoved back the blankets and slid out of bed. He padded the short distance to the chair piled with his clothes and pulled them back on a layer at a time. That chair said a lot about his relationship with Emerson Reid. When they’d first started their recurring tryst, it had been hot, wild and full of passion. They’d tossed clothes on the floor, thrown them across the room, abandoned them wherever they happened to drop resulting in the inevitable treasure hunt to find them again. That didn’t happen anymore.

“You don’t have to leave, you know,” Emerson rolled onto his back with a petulant scowl.

“Yes, I do,” he slid the shirt over his head and tugged it in place before running fingers through his hair. “I’ve got things to do.”

Emerson tried a different tactic and rolled onto his stomach, chin rested on his crossed arms, half his body exposed. Batting long, dark lashes at him, Emerson turned petulant into a pretty, little pout. There was a time when that look had drawn him back to his bed. Hell, there was a time when just the sight of that much bare skin had done it. He was a beautiful kid with eyes so brown they were almost black, dark hair and a natural tan to his skin. Everything on him was long and slender and begged to be touched. It just didn’t have the same impact any more.

The mystery that surrounded the 23-year-old had worn thin. So had the stories of his past lovers, past lives, past adventures. There was a lot of fiction in the tales Emerson told and he was no longer enamored enough with his body to find them amusing. Emerson aimed for alluring and innocent as he lay stretched out on the bed with that look and a pout on his lips. He missed it by several yards but Jack saw no reason to tell him that. He just pulled on his boxers and let that make the statement for him. He could beg if he wanted but it wasn’t going to work.

“Fine,” Emerson huffed and pillowed his head in his arms, turning his face to the wall. “If you’re going to treat me like a whore then I’m not going to bother getting up to make you coffee.”

“I can make my own coffee,” he stepped into his jeans and zipped them. “And I’m not treating you like a whore,” he crouched beside the bed and slid fingers into Emerson’s hair, gripping the strands to tug his head back and kiss the pout.

Emerson tried to turn it into something more but he broke it before he had a chance. He knew that game and like a lot of things, it didn’t work anymore. Over the past year, he’d grown immune to Emerson, to a certain extent, most of the time.

“One of these days I’m going to put my foot down, Jack,” Emerson called after him as he headed for the door. “None of this coming and going whenever you please, bullshit. I deserve better than that.”

“Funny, but I’ve never heard you complain about the coming part,” he tossed him a smile, stepped outside and pulled the door closed on the rest of the argument.

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Author bio

DP Denman is an M/M (gay) contemporary romance author from the soggy splendor of the Pacific Northwest. She is an eclectic reader, obsessed writer, and determined LGBT rights activist who lives with her fur babies and a pair of hyper-caffeinated muses.

A special note:

In my free time, I’m a human rights activist. I’m also a big fan of giving back to the community and encourage others to do the same. I think the books are a great way to do both! 25% of all royalties from Changing Tide will go to Trevor Project so people get to enjoy a story and give to charity at the same time. It’s a win-win!

You can find DP at: her Blog * Twitter * Pinterest * Facebook