Joey Jameson - Blackout coverTitle: Blackout

Author: Joey Jameson

Publisher: Chances Press

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Genre: Crime-Mystery/ Romance

Length: Novel

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book blurb

He’s the one you dream about. 

He’s the one you obsess over. 

He’s the one you’d kill for.

Dice Valentine was born to strip. With the body of a god that drips with sex appeal, his dance moves leave his male clients breathless and begging for more. But lost in a dark world of hedonism and indulgence, Dice is beginning to want out. That is until a night of mind-blowing sex with a mysterious lover takes a grim, shocking turn, and he finds himself in a desperate attempt to clear his name…as the hunter becomes the hunted. 

“Blackout” is a haunting dark tale of sex and betrayal that raises doubts about what exactly is the truth.

My review

Blackout is definitely not what I had expected – quite pleasantly so, though. I knew that there was going to be a mystery to the story, I just hadn’t thought that it’d be as in depth as it was. The passion, the crime, the worries and the wonders really do keep you intrigued the entire time.

It can be hard, sometimes, to mix sex and crime. There were a couple of times where I wasn’t quite sure the two went well together, but for the most part Joey Jameson did an excellent job at giving the reader a good combination of passion and action. I will say that Joey’s main talent with his writing is his descriptions. His ability with giving details is phenomenal. Every move, every feeling, every speck of lust or fear was laid out in such a way that it felt as if you were there, maybe even experiencing it yourself. 😉 Sometimes too much detail or descriptions can be overwhelming or bothersome, but not in Blackout – this time it fits and is just right.

This isn’t your usual romance story, but you do get a good dose of all the sexual tension, desire, and steamy scenes that you need. The crime and mystery part by no means takes a back seat in the book. Like any good mystery, you get to play detective as well, and just when you think you’ve got it figured out another clue or event happens that throw’s you for a loop again.

Blackout is one that I definitely recommend, and I look forward to reading more of Joey Jameson’s work.