4-10-13.004-10-13.0I’ve seen some really cool tattoos before, but throw them on a hot bod and – ding, ding, ding – the sexiness goes up!

Can you tell that, once again, I had too much fun with the photos! 🙂

The usual blurb –
I’ve always thought of Wednesday as the longest day of the week.  You’re halfway through your five-day grind at work and you just want it to be over with.  You find yourself dragging along and in desperate need of a pick-me-up, and what better way to pull yourself out of that daze then HOT men.
So, I’ve decided to create Wake Up Wednesday.  This is a posting of 4 pictures of hot men (in both the single and plural sense and in any way, shape, form, or position that I can find them… phew!) that’ll hopefully put that bounce back in your step to get you through the rest of the week – hey, it works for me, so why not 😉
4-10-13.1 4-10-13.2 4-10-13.3 4-10-13.4
Had to throw this last guy in cuz he's hot and his tat is friggin' cute! - click on the pic to enlarge

Had to throw this last guy in cuz he’s hot and his tat is friggin’ cute! – click on the pic to enlarge

(Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this blog in regards to the pictures)