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Morvea gets 5 out of 5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs Reviews!

3/11/2013 Reviewed by: Chocolate Minx

Of all the residents in the realm of Pavarus, it is only the leader of the Vampires who continues to visit Earth. Pavarus has an agreement with the earth council. Vampire leader Keddrick also has a human estate manager for his Earth properties. For years it has been a secret tradition in the Thatcher family to assist the vampires; Eli is the last in the Thatcher line. When Keddrick pays a visit to Earth, he realized that Eli was his mate. However, Keddrick refused to claim Eli for fear it would endanger Eli to reside in Pavarus. Keddrick soon discovered that the biggest source of danger to Eli was on Earth.

Morvea is the second book in the Finding Home series. In this fascinating episode, the reader has more a glimpse of life in Pavarus compared to Earth. Pavarus is centuries behind Earth in terms of technology, yet the plot illustrates that simple is sometimes better for a peaceful life. The characters are believable as well as amusing. Keddrick is an honorable man, who is concerned for the well-being of others rather than satisfying his personal desires first. Resisting his desire to claim Eli is a test of endurance that comes close to breaking Keddrick as well as Eli. Keddrick is well aware of all that Earth has to offer; cars, phones, guns and modern household utilities. Nevertheless, Keddrick has chosen only a few luxury upgrades to the castle and no weaponry upgrades.

During Keddrick’s visit, Eli is convinced Keddrick is straight. Eli is heartbroken for being rejected by the man he fell in love with upon first sight. Shortly after Keddrick returned home, Eli’s life is in jeopardy and he discovers a power he never knew he had and escaping to Pavarus is Eli’s only salvation. As the story unfolds, revelations of insanity, lies, perceived betrayal, in addition to perceived rejection, is illustrated.

Jennifer Wright has created an excellent saga that I enjoyed immensely. Morvea has all the elements of a splendid fantasy, dramatic action, poignant characters plus exceptionally sensual intimacy scenes.

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