2-27-13 firstOkay, a grow man cuddling up to or bonding with his pet is just too damn cute. It shows the softer side of them that has my heart melting every time.

Thank you, Lisabet, for the awesome WUW idea.

The usual blurb –
I’ve always thought of Wednesday as the longest day of the week.  You’re halfway through your five-day grind at work and you just want it to be over with.  You find yourself dragging along and in desperate need of a pick-me-up, and what better way to pull yourself out of that daze then HOT men.
So, I’ve decided to create Wake Up Wednesday.  This is a posting of 4 pictures of hot men (in both the single and plural sense and in any way, shape, form, or position that I can find them… phew!) that’ll hopefully put that bounce back in your step to get you through the rest of the week – hey, it works for me, so why not 😉
2-27-13.1 2-27-13.2 2-27-13.3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this blog in regards to the pictures)