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The general release for Pavarus is here at last!

Here is a list of where Pavarus can be purchased at:

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Thrown into another world where dangerous creatures live and rule, will Wesley stay and find love with a vampire, or will the terrors of an unknown realm have him running home?

On a camping trip in Louisiana, Wesley finds himself sucked down a hidden portal and thrown into another realm where he meets Remus, a warrior vampire.  With the help of Remus, Wesley embarks on an adventure to find his way home, back to a world not filled with vampires and dragons and magic folk.  Along his journey, the handsome vampire finds his way into Wesley’s heart.  But will his love for Remus overcome his fears of the creatures that reign in this world?

Remus has never wanted a man before, but finds himself drawn to Wesley despite his denying efforts.  He’s happy with his life as the Commander of the vampires, and has had no interest in finding a mate.  But after Wesley is kidnapped, Remus discovers his feelings for the man are stronger than he thought.  Is he strong enough, though, to honour Wesley’s wish to return home, and let go of the man he loves?


Wes was hesitant to open his eyes. Something wasn’t right. The last thing he remembered was the agonising pain in his gut from being stabbed, yet now he felt…great. Wonderful. Absolutely amazing. He couldn’t even remember the last time he felt this good. There wasn’t a single ache in his body, and that had his mind reeling. With the beatings and being stabbed…why wasn’t he hurting? Why wasn’t he dead?

A shifting to his left had him holding his breath. Slowly, he opened his eyes and peeked through, hoping to get a look at his surroundings before Gravaick became aware that he was awake. Wes looked up at the ceiling and frowned. It wasn’t a dark and dirty stone ceiling like before. This one was light and clean and strangely familiar, considering it was just a ceiling. Wes opened his eyes fully and looked around the room.

It was Remus’ room. He was home!

Wes started when a hand landed on his chest. He looked to his left and cried out when he spotted Remus next to him on the bed, asleep. Wes ignored the ‘oomph’ from Remus as he plastered his body against his man’s. He wrapped his arms and legs around Remus and held tight, burying his face into his chest.

Without warning, tears began to fall. He couldn’t have been happier to see Remus here next to him. His last thoughts had been of the man he loved, and now that man was here with him. Wes revelled in the feel of Remus’ arms wrapping around him, holding him closer. He felt himself calming as Remus caressed his back, whispering comforting words in his ear.

Wes looked up into Remus’ beautiful grey eyes. Unable to hold back, Wes moved up and gently kissed him. Fireworks exploded and his body came alive at the feel of Remus’ lips against his. The kiss was tender and unhurried. Wes nibbled along Remus’ bottom lip and slid his body against his mate’s.

Remus growled—he reached up and laced his fingers through Wes’ hair and plunged his tongue into Wes’ mouth. Wes moaned and ground his erection against Remus’ hip—the man’s own dick digging into Wes’ thigh.

Wes’ mind reeled as Remus deepened the kiss, the tenderness turning frantic and desperate. Tongues tangled, lips mashed together, breath became ragged, hearts raced… They wanted each other…they needed each other.

Wes whimpered when Remus pulled his head back, breaking the kiss. “Wait”—Remus looked Wes over—“you’re hurt. You should be resting.”

“I feel fine, Remus. Actually, I feel amazing.” Wes punctuated the later with a roll of his hips.

Remus closed his eyes and groaned, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. He opened his eyes and stared at Wes. “Wesley—”

Wes silenced him with another kiss. “No, don’t deny me, Remus, I need you,” he mumbled as he nibbled along Remus’ chin. “I’m fine, Remus. Please believe me.” He felt Remus’ hand tighten in his hair before he pulled Wes’ head back again. He stared deeply into Wes’ eyes, seeming to search for the truth in his words. “Do you want me?” Wes asked.