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Today’s lip-lock action is from book 2 in the Finding Home Series, Morvea (unedited).



The second Keddrick heard the doorknob to his room jiggle he was up and off the couch, ready to chew a new asshole to whoever thought they could just barge in here.  But when Eli stepped through the door, he froze.  He was momentarily stunned by the determination in Eli’s eyes as the man advanced on him.  And even more stunned when Eli absently flicked his hand and the door behind him closed, albeit the fact that he was a dozen steps away from it.  When Eli was only a few feet from him – and clearly not stopping – Keddrick began stepping back.

“I don’t know what’s been going on in that head of yours,” his mate said as he untucked his shirt.  “But I’m tired of messing around.”

Keddrick gulped when Eli pulled his shirt over his head.  “Dear Gods,” he breathed out roughly.  All that skin.  All that beautiful flesh for him to touch.  Keddrick continued his backwards retreat, his mouth suddenly dry and all words escaping his mind.

“It’s obvious we want each other,” Eli stated as he started untying his pants.

Keddrick felt the back of his legs hit his bed.

How the hell did we get all the way in here?

With his backwards retreat at an end, Eli settled himself up nice and close to him.  He could feel the heat from the passion in Eli’s eyes, could feel the energy that radiated off of him.

“If for some reason you’re worried about me – don’t be.  I’m a big boy and can take care of myself.  So whatever’s holding you back,” Eli pushed against his chest and Keddrick had no choice but to sit down, “stop it.”  His mate straddled his lap, wrapped his arms around his neck, and kissed him.

On their own accord, Keddrick’s arms wound around Eli and pulled him closer.

This was a mistake.  A really big mistake.  But this was a side of Eli that he’d never seen before, and damned if he didn’t like it.  He moaned when Eli’s tongue ran along his bottom lip, begging for entrance.  He gladly opened up and basked in the feel of Eli’s tongue plunging into his mouth.  His hands tightened against Eli’s back, kneading the muscles.  Eli’s hips began to move, and the feel of his mate’s hard cock against his own sparked to life a primal need inside him.

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