Seeing as today is my birthday, when I sat down this last Friday to write out my Random Snog I tried to think about what a person really wants for their birthday.  Then it hit me, they want what everybody wants – thieir birthday wish.

The usual blurb –
At the moment due to my smaller limit of manuscripts – therefore only so many snog scenes – I have decided to create what I’m simply calling Random Snog.  These will be little scenes I’ve made up that do not belong to any certain manuscript – but maybe someday will.

Les sighed as he let the weight of his body close his bedroom door behind him. Resting his head back against the hard wood, he looked up to the ceiling and chided himself for acting like a complete idiot. His longtime crush had actually come to his birthday get-together and he had to go and make a fool out of himself. Les looked down to his chest at the red punch that stained his favorite white shirt.

Me and my damn butterfingers! That’s never coming out.

With another heavy sign, he pushed off the door and went into his walk in closet. Screw the shirt! He didn’t care about it. All he cared about was the fact that Oz had witnessed the whole thing. He hadn’t know that Oz was standing right behind him, and when the man spoke into his ear Les felt his heart jump right out of his chest—and his drink jump right out of his hand.

He couldn’t have been more embarrassed. Why was it that every time Oz was around Les couldn’t seem to keep his cool? He became a stuttering klutz. It had been ten years since high school, yet he still felt like the band geek that mooned over the jock as they passed in the halls. Oz had never given him a second glance, and so for the life of him Les couldn’t figure out why he still got this way around the man.

Maybe it was all the muscles that made up his beautiful body? Or his gorgeous eyes? Or that smile that had Les melting every time—even though it was never really directed at him.

Les growled as he dropped his ruined shirt to the floor of his closet. He seriously needed to get over Oz, because nothing would ever happen between them. He jerked a plain black sweater off of a shelf then cursed as the pile of sweaters beneath it went falling to the floor.

Of course! Why not! Anything else!

“You should be a little more careful.”

Les gasp and spun around, his heart once again trying to flee from his chest. “Holy shit, Oz, you’ve got to stop sneaking up on me like that.” His momentary panic-attack escalated as reality dawned on him. Oz was here…in his room…in his closet…with him. Licking his suddenly dry lips, he said, “Uh, what are you doing here?”

Oz flashed that stunning smile of his, the glint in his eyes doing nothing to settle Les’ racing pulse. Taking a step closer, he lifted his hand to reveal a chocolate cupcake with a single candle in it. “I felt bad that I got here so late and missed you blowing out the candles on your cake.”

“Oh, uh, it’s…it’s no…it’s no big deal,” Les croaked out, his voice rough from his scattered nerves.

“Did you make a wish?”


“When you blew out the candles—did you make a wish?”

“Oh, uh…yeah, of course.” Smooth, real smooth. Les seriously wanted to just hide away in the nearest dark hole.  Oz’s closeness was starting to wake certain parts of his body and he knew he’d just die of embarrassment if the man noticed.  He said a silent prayer in his head to not make a fool of himself yet again and willed his now aching cock to settle down, but the slight tantalizing scent of Oz’s cologne was making it impossible.  He’d wanted this man for too long and his body was showing it.

Please don’t let him notice that I’ve suddenly found it impossible to breathe without practically panting.

As Oz stepped even closer, pulled a lighter from his pocket, lit the candle, and then tucked it back away. He presented the cupcake to Les. “See, I missed that, so I want you to do it again.”

Is he serious? When Oz didn’t crack a smile or bust up laughing, Les figured the man wasn’t joking around. He leant forward to blow out the candle, but Oz pulled it back a little.

“Remember, you have to make a wish.”

Les was beyond confused, but he nodded his head anyway. Sucking in a small breath, he puckered his lips and released the air in a rush, dousing the little flame. The next thing he knew, Oz’s hand was at the nape of his neck pulling him closer, and then the man’s warm lips were crushing against his.

Every nerve in Les’ body surged with desire. The kiss was firm and demanding. Oz traced his tongue along the seam of his lips and Les gladly opened up for him.  A moan escaped him as Oz tilted his head and deepened the kiss. It was absolutely perfect…and it ended way too soon for Les’ liking.

Oz licked his lips, and then he smiled at Les and said, “I got my wish. Did you get yours?”

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