I enjoyed the Random Snog the other Sunday so much so that I’ve decided to do a continuation of it.

For a quick catch up, Jamie’s decided to visit his very first gay bar by himself where he spots his mystery man.  As he was on his way out the door, mystery man catches up with him on the dance floor.

The usual blurb –
At the moment due to my smaller limit of manuscripts – therefore only so many snog scenes – I have decided to create what I’m simply calling Random Snog.  These will be little scenes I’ve made up that do not belong to any certain manuscript – but maybe someday will.

Jamie could swear the world around them came to a stop.  Those two little words, “don’t go”, had all but turned him into putty.  On its own accord, his ass pushed back into the man’s groin, seeking the one thing Jamie has craved for so long.  Heart now racing out of control, head swimming with lust, Jamie tried to take control of his body—only to fail miserably when the hands holding his hips tightened, urging him to move his ass more.  When his stranger gently bit his earlobe, Jamie let out a moan and his body melted into the warm body behind him.

“Devin,” a husky voice said in his ear.

“Jamie,” he replied.

“Good enough?”

Jamie nodded his head, unable to even speak.  He knew what Devin was asking, and he wanted the same thing.

Suddenly the world around them surged to life again—the bass from the loud music vibrated through him, the people danced around them not even caring what they were doing.

Devin took his hand and pulled Jamie along as they made their way through the crowd.  He wasn’t even sure how they got to the little storage room, but suddenly he was being pushed up against a wall.  Devin leaned into him and crushed their mouths together.

Jamie had never felt desire like this before.  Just the simple touch of their mouths coming together had every nerve ending in his body coming to life.  When Devin licked along his bottom lip, Jamie gladly opened up for him, relishing in taste.  As Devin’s tongue sought out every corner of his mouth, his hands moved along Jamie’s body.  It wasn’t the soft touches Jamie usually liked—it was rough and hurried and absolutely amazing.  He could feel Devin’s need by the way the man pawed at him.  His big hands gripped the back of Jamie’s thighs and lifted him up.  Jamie wrapped his legs around Devin’s waist, moaning as the new position had the man’s erection pressing against his ass.

Any other day he would have been embarrassed by the wanton noises that escaped him, but right now he couldn’t care less.  All he cared about was concentrating just enough so he could unbutton Devin’s shirt.  They broke the kiss long enough so Devin could pull Jamie’s shirt over his head, then their mouths came together again, and the feel of hot skin against hot skin had Jamie nearly coming in his jeans.  He wrapped his arms around Devin’s neck and started to move, grinding his ass against the man’s groin.

“Oh fuck, Jamie!”

That’s the plan.

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