Title: The Curtis Reincarnation

Author: Zathyn Priest

Buy link: Scarlet Tie Books

Genre: Gay/Contemporary/Romance

Length: Novel

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Book blurb

Tyler Curtis is the quintessential rock star, with a notorious bad boy reputation as legendary as his awesome talent. Jordan Braxton, on the other hand, leads a quiet existence as a website designer and shares a house with his sister, Rebecca.

When Rebecca wins tickets to see Curtis in concert, and drags an unwilling Jordan along to the show, his ordered world is about to be turned upside down. Tyler’s life is spinning out of control, but reality is far different to the myth a controlling manager has built up around him. Will Jordan get to know the real Tyler, and can they both survive the fallout that ensues?


Jordan Braxton has a big heart and he’s looking for a man to love – just one.  Yet his standards for this one man are quite specific, therefore hard to find.  In his eyes, Tyler Curtis is the absolute opposite of what he’s looking for…until they meet.

Jordan may have a big heart, but Tyler is all heart.  His passions and desires for his music and other people is inspiring.  All he wants in return is for somebody to love him, but his troubled past and other unfortunate circumstances have held him back – in some cases literally.

The moment you meet Tyler you’ll fall in love with him.  He is an incredible young man who you just want to wrap your arms around and protect from the evils in the world.  Life isn’t always easy, but Tyler has it exceptionally rough, so I was more than happy to see him and Jordan together.  These men were meant for each other in every way two people can be.

The Curtis Reincarnation is an amazing read.  It’s one of those stories that has you enthralled the entire time wondering  what’s going to happen next.  The twists and turns bring the book to exciting levels and emotional ones.  For me, I wasn’t just reading a book, I was in the book with them seeing everything first hand.

Zathyn Priest did a marvelous job bringing this story to life.  The details and feelings he portrays are outstanding.  He’ll have you smiling with the characters, sharing their happiness and anger, their heartaches and moments of bliss, and that wonderful feeling deep down inside that is simply described as true love.

This is a book that I highly recommend and will definitely be re-reading a number of times, not only for the story, but to experience the feelings again and again.