I love the Sunday Snog, it has quickly become one of my favorite posts of the week, but I’ve come across a problem.  Since I’m so new to being an author, I don’t have nearly enough work to keep pulling kissing scenes from.  If I continue at the pace I’m at with what books and WIP’s I do have, by the time they’re released there’ll be no good parts left that everybody hasn’t already read.

Therefore, I have decided to create what I’m simply calling Random Snog.  These will be little scenes I’ve made up that belong to no manuscript – but maybe someday will.

So, please enjoy my very first Random Snog!


My vision of Jamie

Jamie sucked on his straw till the gurgling sound told him his drink was done.

Three down, no more to go.  I should really get out of here.

He had no idea what he’d been thinking when he decided to come to his first gay bar all by himself.  He enjoyed the music, but the place was downright scaring the crap out of him.  Any other day he would take pride in his small, sexy physique, but not tonight.  Tonight he was hoping he could blend into the background, scope the place out without feeling overwhelmed.

He was wrong.

Never in his life has he had so many people fondle him, laying their pick-up lines on so thick they might as well have just said “I want to fuck you” to begin with.  They were appalling.

All but one.

Jamie glanced to his left, his heart damn near beating out of his chest when he saw the man was still staring at him.

Jamie’s mystery man

They’d been at it for the past hour – Jamie would look over, he’d be staring, Jamie would blush foolishly and look away…  His stranger was more than handsome or sexy, the man was down-right stunning, and it was intimidating the hell out of him.

Jamie chewed his bottom lip as he contemplated leaving.  His mind was made up when a large hand suddenly squeezed his ass.  Not bothering to see who the aggressor was Jamie quickly pushed his way through the crowd towards the exit.  Halfway across the dance floor, trying to avoid being knocked down by the sweaty bodies gyrating around him, a firm grip on his waist had him coming to a halt.  He didn’t even have to turn around to know that the large body flush against his was him.

Strong fingers slowly massaged his hips as soft lips brushed along his neck.  The warmth of his breath sent a shiver down Jamie’s spine and he found himself leaning back, craving more.  His dick stirred behind his skinny-jeans when the wet heat of the man’s tongue licked a line up to the sweet spot behind his ear, ending with a kiss so divine Jamie’s knees threatened to give out.  Sensing Jamie’s pleasure, he kissed the spot again.

Lips brushing against his ear, the man whispered, “Don’t go.”

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