My snark today is from one of my still untitled WIP’s.

To sum it up, the story is about a young woman named Anna, who is desperately in love with her best friend, Emery.  The twist is, for all of her life Anna has never wanted to be a girl, she wanted to be a man, and with the help of futuristic science she does just that – but Emery knew nothing about her desires until Rayne (aka Anna) shows up at his door.


Emery sat up straight when he heard the squeak of the stairs.  Heart pounding in his chest, he waited for Rayne to enter.  He didn’t know why he was so… what?  Nervous?  Anxious?  What the fuck?  He forced out a shuddering breath, commanding himself to calm down.  It was just Anna.

No, you idiot, it’s not.

Emery was frowning to himself when Rayne walked into the kitchen.

“Oh my God, Rayne, cover up!”  Emery quickly averted his eyes when he saw the guy was wearing nothing but his boxers.

“Excuse me?”

“A shirt, go put a shirt on.”


Emery quickly glanced up at Rayne through his lashes.  “Because you’re not wearing one,” he said exasperatingly.  He heard Rayne move, but he hadn’t expected the guy to grab his chin and force him to look up.

Finger pointed firmly in his face, Rayne spat out, “You will not treat me this way.  You will not treat me as a woman.”  His hand tightened on Emery’s chin.  “I will not cover up something I don’t have.”

Now this was his Anna.

But it wasn’t.  This beautiful creature before him was a whole new force to reckon with.

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