Today my six sentences are from one of my WIP’s – not yet titled.

To sum it up, the story is about a young woman named Anna, who is desperately in love with her best friend, Emery.  The twist is, for all of her life Anna has never wanted to be a girl, she wanted to be a man, and with the help of futuristic science she does just that – but Emery knows nothing about any of it.  The below six pick up where Rayne(aka Anna) is seeing Emery for the first time since the change.


(Rayne’s POV)

Head nearly spinning now from the anxiety, he lifted his trembling hand and knocked on the hard wood.  It may have only been less than a minute, but it felt like forever before the door opened.  The air rushed from his lungs when he looked at the man before him.  All his worries and fears and anxiety fled the moment those beautiful brown eyes met his.

Rayne’s shoulders slumped and he so badly wanted to cry.  “God I’ve missed you,” he breathed out in relief.

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