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It’s another wonderful Sunday, and what better way to spend it than reading a bunch of smut 🙂

Todays snog is another sneak peek into my upcoming book, Pavarus.

Also, since it takes a few sentences to figure it out, I thought I’d add in that this is from Wes’s POV.

Thrown into another world where dangerous creatures live and rule, will Wesley stay and find love with a vampire, or will the terrors of an unknown realm have him running home?

On a camping trip in Louisiana, Wesley finds himself sucked down a hidden portal and thrown into another realm where he meets Remus, a warrior vampire.  With the help of Remus, Wesley embarks on an adventure to find his way home, back to a world not filled with vampires and dragons and magic folk.  Along his journey, the handsome vampire finds his way into Wesley’s heart.  But will his love for Remus overcome his fears of the creatures that reign in this world?

Remus has never wanted a man before, but finds himself drawn to Wesley despite his denying efforts.  He’s happy with his life as the commander of the vampires, and has had no interest in finding a mate.  But after Wesley is kidnapped, Remus discovers his feelings for the man are stronger than he thought.  Is he strong enough, though, to honor Wesley’s wish to return home, and let go of the man he loves?


After getting dressed, he figured he’d go find Remus.  There was no point in ignoring each other.  They were going to have to face each other and deal with last night at some point.

After a couple of minutes of wandering the halls – which all looked the friggin’ same – he finally ran into someone.  Wes was a little skittish at first, not knowing how the man would act, last night’s events flashing through his mind.  But he smiled at Wes, and gave a small bow of his head as he approached.

That’s strange.  No one had ever bowed to him before.

“Excuse me, would you happen to know where I could find Remus?”

“Yes, sir, he’s in the training room.”


“Okay.  Can you tell me how to get there?”

The man’s smile widened.  “I’ll show you.  Please, follow me.”

Well, this was a complete turnaround from last night.  Wes couldn’t tell for sure if this man was one of his attackers from last night, all he knew was that there was a horde of them.

After many twists and turns and a few floors down, they came to a hall that echoed with a strange noise.  The clanging sound got louder as they neared a doorway.  Two men passed them in the hall, each inclining their heads to him.

What the heck was going on?

Stopping just inside a very large room filled with men, most of who were fighting and some standing around watching, Wes’s guide pointed to Remus who was in the middle of the room fighting Aliam.  The clanging sounds had been from their swords.

All of the air rushed from Wes’s lungs as he stood there with his mouth hanging wide open.

Holy hell, the man was hot!

Neither Remus nor Aliam were wearing shirts.  Their bodies were slick with sweat as they circled each other, attacking one another with their weapons.  There was no doubt Aliam had an amazing body, Eveen was a very lucky woman.  But Wes’s eyes couldn’t stray from Remus.

His arms bulged and his pecks flexed with every swing of his sword.  His washboard stomach tightened with every lunge.  He was graceful and magnificent.  Swift and powerful.  And downright yummy.  His body was absolutely delectable.  Any other day Wes would have recoiled at the sight of his sweating, but all he wanted to do was rub himself all over the man.  Absorb his scent – musky and a little something that was just Remus.

Wes’s dick stirred in his pants.  He just wanted to take Remus’s hands in his and guide it to where Wes ached for him the most.  He wanted Remus to push him against the nearest wall, tear his pants away, and bury himself deep inside him.  He wanted to feel Remus pounding against his thighs as the man thrust into him.

He snapped his mouth shut when another man passed by, and like the others, he inclined his head as he went.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Wes jumped, he had completely forgotten about his guide.  “Oh, no, thank you.”

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