This is my first time participating in Marie’s Saturday Snark and I’m definitely excited!  My sassiness isn’t as well pronounced as other authors, but hopefully I’m somewhat up to par 😉

My snark today is from one of my WIP’s, Afraid To Love.

not actual cover

Noah Montgomery paused a moment to take in his surroundings when his friend Tate pushed him further towards the bar.  Never in his twenty-eight years had he ever thought he’d be in a place like this.  The bar was dimly lit and smoky.  The music was loud and the crowd danced everywhere they could.  Noah kept his hands close, afraid to touch anything because who knew when this place was last cleaned.  He sneered as his friend pushed him along, his feet sticking to the hardwood floors.  When they finally reached the bar Tate squeezed in beside him, bouncing in place as he was clearly excited to be here.

“Isn’t this great?” his friend yelled over the loud rock band playing on stage.

Noah frowned.  “I think my ass was grabbed at least three times.”

Tate laughed and threw his arm around Noah’s shoulders.  “Like I said, isn’t this great?”

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