One of the worst things a writer can go through is writer’s block.  It eats away at our minds and sends us to the point where we’re practically banging our heads against our desks.  The thoughts are all there, but the ability to type it out – and for it to actually be halfway decent – is close to nill.  You read over what you just wrote and say ‘damn, even I wouldn’t want to read this’.  So, you hit delete, sigh, run your fingers through your hair, scrub you hands over your face, and then try again – only to be sorely disappointed once more.  I have been suffering from writer’s block for two months now, and with the help of Gabrielle Holly’s post I think I may be finally breaking through it.  I thought I’d pass along this article to help other’s, it’s actually quite similar to the one Gabrielle just wrote, but this one goes into a little more detail and suggests a few other things I would have never thought of.

Writer’s Block