Hi everyone, this is my first Sunday Snog and I’m excited to join in!

Below is an excerpt from the first book I wrote, How To Love A Cowboy.  I’ve come a long way since this book, and someday in the future I’m hoping to re-vamp this manuscript and maybe get it published.  Enjoy!


Gemma went to make sure everything was brought in from the dining room when she heard a noise come from the living room.  Knowing Carson went to bed already, she went to see who it was.  Back to her, thumbs hooked in the pockets of his jeans, she found Tyler looking a photo on one of the walls.

Quietly, she went up behind him to take a look.  It was a picture of him and who she assumed was his mother.  They were standing in front of a Ferris wheel at a carnival.  Tyler’s arms were wrapped around his mother and they were both laughing.  You could see the love in their eyes.

“She was a beautiful woman,” Gemma said softly.

Tyler looked over his shoulder at her then back at the picture.  “Yes, she was.”

Gemma wasn’t the world’s best at comforting people, that was always Alice’s specialty, so she just placed her hand on his back.  He didn’t pull away and she took that as a good sign.  “I know that it’s gotta be hard having me here instead of your mom, taking over all of the stuff she did here around the house, but I promise I’m a nice person and I’m going to try my hardest while I’m still here.  Think of me as just the maid or something like that.”

He didn’t respond, and the silence hung in the air like white noise.

Getting the feeling he wanted to be alone, she lowered her hand and started to walk away.  She gasped when she felt his hand close around her wrist.

Pulling her into his arms, he just looked at her.

Gemma’s pulse started to race and her nipples hardened immediately.  He’s so handsome.

Tyler’s mouth opened and closed a couple of times like he was trying to find a way to tell her something, but he ended up just sighing and resting his forehead against hers.  Gemma waited for him to say something, anything, but what he did instead completely shocked her.

Tyler placed a light kiss on her forehead, his lips warm and gentle.  Her heart beat harder as he lightly kissed each of her eyelids, and then her left cheek.  She was panting by the time he was kissing the corners of her mouth.  Slowly, his lips brushed against hers, and then he gave a little nip to her bottom lip.  The ache in her sex was intensifying with every butterfly kiss, and she didn’t know how much longer she could hold still.

Then he finally gave her the satisfaction she’d been dying for and pressed his lips to hers.

This was it, this was the real thing.  She thought he was hot in her fantasy, but in real life he was on fire.  The kiss was soft and sweet and absolutely amazing.

When Tyler slid his tongue across her bottom lip she opened up for him.  Cupping her cheeks, he pushed his tongue against hers, seeking out to taste every inch of her mouth.  She moaned when he tilted his head to the side and deepened the kiss.  It became desperate and needy.  He possessed her mouth like he needed the air in her lungs to survive.  She moaned again and leaned into him as much as she could, relishing in the feel of the hard muscles of his chest.

Without warning, he ended the kiss so abruptly she still had her mouth open.

“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice deep and rough.  “I shouldn’t have done that.”  Without another word, he let go of her and left.

She stood there dazed for a moment, looking into the space where Tyler had once been standing, her mouth still slightly open.

What the hell?  She was seriously getting tired of this shit.

All hot and bothered now, she headed upstairs to her room and changed into her cotton shorts and tank top then hopped into bed.  After setting the alarm on her phone, she turned the light off and laid down.

“That’s it; no more,” she grumbled to herself.  “I’m not going to keep putting up with this bullshit.  That man has been pulling my emotions into too many different directions and I’m sick of it.  Well not anymore!  From now on, I’m going to treat him like the friggin’ coworker he is.”  Yeah, that’s what she’d do.  No better way to stay distant than that.

Smiling and satisfied with her decision, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.