I’ve had a couple of people ask me, ‘Why do you write gay romance if you’re not gay?’.  Well that’s easy… because I enjoy it.  I started out writing M/F romance, and I did enjoy that, but writing about two men finding love and getting hot and bothered together is soooooo much better 🙂

I’ll admit that at first I was a little scared to write m/m romance.  I was worried that people would think differently of me and even act differently around me – or not around me at all anymore.  I even kept the m/m books I read to myself, hidden on the bottom shelf of my bookcase, making sure none of the covers could be seen.  I loved – and still do of course – reading m/m romance, but I let the world and it’s ugly views it still has get to me and so I kept that part of my life a secret.  It finally got to the point, though, that my writing wasn’t as creative anymore.  I felt deep down that I could do so much better.  It took about a year to realize it was because I was writing about the wrong thing.

After reading and being inspired by a series by my favorite m/m author, JL Langley, I said screw it!  If I want to write gay romance, then I will!  Who cares what other people think.  It’s my writing, it’s my life, and I’m going to do what I want to do.  People can accept me or not, makes no difference to me.

Boy did I get all worked up for nothing.  My family and boyfriend are behind me 100% and said that Pavarus is my best work yet. (I Love You Guys!)

As I started writing m/m romance, my eyes were opened up to how far people have come on accepting the LGBT community and everything that comes along with them.  They are no different from anybody else and deserve equal respect.  We’re all men, we’re all women, we’re all human beings!

Even writing this I’m starting to get angry thinking about all the shit people have gone through just because they want to be with someone of their own gender, or want to be a different gender themselves.  THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!!!

All I can do now is hope that since the world has come so far in just the last ten years, that within the next ten years they’ll have gone the rest of the way.  I pray that by the time I’m forty, everyone will have equal rights and respect.